Certo vs Cumulus: Which is better? – Comparison 2024

Was ist besser Cumulus oder Certo

In this article, we compare two popular Swiss credit cards to help you decide: the Cumulus Visa and the Certo One Mastercard World.

Since the old Cumulus credit card has been abolished, some people currently have to deal with the choice of a new offer. When choosing a credit card, individual needs are decisive.

Certo vs. Cumulus: Which is better?

What are the highlights of the Certo Mastercard?

The following list gives you an overview of the benefits of the Certo credit card. Read our review of the Certo credit card for a comprehensive picture of the pros and cons.

Certo Card
  • Cashback: With the Certo credit card, you receive 1% cashback at your three favorite merchants and 0.33% at all others.
  • No annual fee: There is no annual fee, which is unusual for credit cards with similar cashback programs.
  • Insurance: The card includes purchase insurance and a best-price guarantee, but no travel insurance.
  • Refer a friend: You receive CHF 50 for every successful referral.
  • Foreign currency fee: At 1.5%, this is below average.
  • Additional cards: Free of charge for household members.
  • Design: Customizable card image and made from 100% recycled plastic.

What is the conclusion on the Certo One card?

The Certo credit card is an all-rounder with an attractive cashback system and a range of insurances that offer added value, especially for online purchases.

What are the highlights of the Migros Cumulus?

The following list gives you an overview of the benefits of the Cumulus credit card. Read our review of the Migros credit card for a comprehensive picture of the pros and cons.

Cumulus Card
  • Free of charge: No annual fee and up to three free additional cards.
  • Cumulus points: Collect points with every purchase, which are converted into vouchers.
  • Foreign currency fee: No fees for foreign currency transactions.
  • Cash withdrawals: Free cash withdrawals at Migros checkouts.
  • App functions: Fully digital and extremely fast credit card application, transparency on spending, and secure online payment options.

What is the conclusion on the Cumulus?

The Cumulus credit card is particularly attractive to Migros customers. It is the most welcomed payment method at Migros, earning two points per franc on each purchase in the first year. It also has no foreign currency fees, making it an excellent choice for travelers.

Certo vs Cumulus: What does the comparison show?

Certo vs Cumulus

The Certo card is ideal for people who want to benefit from cashback, while the Cumulus card is ideal for Migros customers and frequent travelers. Both cards have their advantages. There is no clear answer as to which card is better.

The costs and benefits are very comparable, so you can confidently decide according to your gut feeling.

Here is a direct comparison of all costs in table form.

PerformanceCerto! One Mastercard WorldMigros Cumulus credit card
Annual fee main cardCHF 0.-CHF 0.-
Lottery, betting, and casino transactionsCHF 0.-CHF 0.-
Own card image (per design)CHF 30Free of charge (first order) / CHF 20 (change/re-order)
Annual interest for partial payment12,95%9,4%
Cash withdrawal in CHF in Switzerland/FL3.75%, min. CHF 10.-Free of charge at Migros / 2.5%, minimum CHF 5
Cash withdrawal in EUR in Switzerland/FL3.75%, min. CHF 102.5%, minimum CHF 5
Cash withdrawals abroad3.75%, min. CHF 10Two withdrawals per year up to CHF 500 each free of charge, thereafter 2.5%, minimum CHF 10
Lottery, betting and casino transactions3,75%Not specified
Foreign currency processing fee1,5%None
Transactions in CHF abroad1,5%None
Replacement cardCHF 20.-CHF 20.-
PIN reorderCHF 20.-CHF 10.-
Additional copies of monthly statementCHF 20.-CHF 5.-
Address researchCHF 25.-CHF 20.-
Fee for rejection of direct debitsCHF 30.-Not specified
Reminder feesCHF 30.-CHF 30.-
Deposits at the post office counterCHF 2.50CHF 2.40
Fee for monthly statement in paper formCHF 2.50CHF 2.-
Telephone service for administrative servicesCHF 5CHF 0.08 per minute
Service benefits1% cashback with three retailers, 0.33% otherwiseCumulus points with every purchase
Acceptance pointsAround 80 million worldwideAround 80 million worldwide
Customer service +41 44 439 54 50 +41 58 234 50 50
Direct debit (LSV)YesYes
Integration in mobile walletsYesYes
SMS service feeNot specifiedCHF 0.50 per SMS

Which credit card is better?

The decision between the Certo One Mastercard World and the Migros Cumulus credit card depends heavily on your personal needs and shopping habits.

The Certo credit card offers an attractive cashback program and a variety of insurances, which are particularly advantageous for online purchases, as well as the option to refer friends, which can earn you money.

On the other side of the Certo vs Cumulus equation, there is the Cumulus credit card, which is particularly attractive for Migros customers with its points collection options and no fees for foreign currency transactions and cash withdrawals at Migros checkouts. It is also very easy and user-friendly to get with its digital application.

Both cards have no annual fee and are accepted worldwide. There are some differences in costs, such as for cash withdrawals or foreign currency fees, which could be relevant for travelers or frequent users of cash withdrawals.

Ultimately, both Cumulus and Certo can be characterized as the “better” choice, as they both have their specific strengths. It is advisable to consider your individual habits and decide on that basis, or simply go with your gut feeling when choosing between these two options.

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