Which Credit Cards and Payment Methods Can I Use at Migros?

Migros Payment Methods

Does Migros accept MasterCard?

Yes, Migros accepts MasterCard. According to Migros’ official website, the payment option can be used in all Migros supermarkets, consumer markets, specialist stores, and food services:

Does Migros accept Apple Pay?

Migros, as one of the leading supermarket chains in Switzerland, now accepts Apple Pay for payments. This convenient update is reflected across the entire Migros brand, including the Migros supermarkets, various consumer markets, specialty stores, and dining outlets. Confirmed by Migros’ official website, customers can enjoy the ease of using Apple Pay for all their purchases within the Migros family of stores.

Since many foreigners would like to use their Apple Card in Switzerland, it is also welcome at Migros.

This move to embrace Apple Pay demonstrates Migros’ dedication to enhancing the shopping experience by providing more payment flexibility for its customers, ensuring a smooth and efficient checkout process across all its locations.

Can you pay with TWINT at Migros?

Absolutely, Migros supports TWINT, which is one of Switzerland’s most popular mobile payment applications. This digital payment method allows customers to make quick and secure purchases by simply scanning a QR code at the checkout with their smartphones. The process is designed for ease of use and speed, catering to the growing demand for contactless payment options.

At Migros, whether you are shopping in their supermarkets, frequenting their specialty stores, or availing of their food services, TWINT is accepted as a convenient form of payment. This integration of TWINT into Migros’ payment system highlights the company’s commitment to embracing innovative technology solutions to enhance the customer experience.

Does Migros accept American Express?

Included in the array of accepted payment options at Migros are all the American Express credit cards. This means that shoppers at Migros have the flexibility to use their Amex cards for all kinds of purchases, from groceries and everyday items to specialty goods and dining experiences. 

Full overview of accepted credit cards and other payment methods at Migros

  • Credit and Debit Cards: Customers can pay using the Migros Cumulus credit card, M-Card, PostFinance Card, Maestro-CH, International Maestro, V Pay, Mastercard, VISA, American Express, and Diners.
  • Digital and Mobile Payments: For modern convenience, Migros accepts digital payments via TWINT, and for international customers, Alipay and Union Pay are also options. In locations where contactless payments are available, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay are accepted.
  • Specialty Payment Cards: Within food service areas, Migros allows payment with a Lunch-Check card and a REKA-Lunch card.
  • Migros App: The versatile Migros app offers an on-the-go payment solution across all Migros branches and includes eateries. Customers can link their credit card or Migros Bank account for quick and secure payments using a digital payment code.
  • Migros Online: Online shoppers have the choice of using credit cards (including Cumulus credit card, Visa, Visa Debit, Mastercard, Debit Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club), PostFinance Card, TWINT, or paying via deposit slip.

Customers are encouraged to collect points using the Cumulus credit card, which doubles as a loyalty card, rewarding them for purchases made at Migros. Since the breakup of Migros and the company “Cembra”, they had to offer a strong reward program to not lose customers to Cembras Cumulus card alternative.

How do I pay with Migros app?

Setting up payments in the Migros app is straightforward, with options for a personal code, Touch-ID, or Face-ID for security. At the checkout, customers can activate digital coupons, present their digital Cumulus card, and choose their preferred payment method for a streamlined process.


In summary, Migros offers an extensive range of payment options to accommodate the diverse needs of its customers. Whether you prefer traditional credit cards like Mastercard, Visa, and American Express, or modern digital solutions such as Apple Pay and TWINT, Migros has you covered. They ensure that every transaction is as convenient and efficient as possible.

The Migros app further simplifies payments, allowing for a seamless and secure process. With the ability to collect points via the Cumulus credit card, Migros not only makes shopping easy but also rewarding. The varied payment methods reflect Migros’ commitment to providing a customer-centric shopping experience.

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