How do I use my Cumulus card? – Maximize your rewards

How do I use my Cumulus card

Getting the Migros Cumulus card is more than just getting a loyalty card; it’s a tool that unlocks a variety of benefits for its holders. Understanding how to effectively use your Cumulus card can lead to substantial savings at Migros and partner stores.

But how do I use my Cumulus card? – This article provides a comprehensive guide to earning Cumulus points, understanding their value, and redeeming the vouchers you collect.

Earning Cumulus Points 馃數

Earning Cumulus Points

1) Shopping at Migros and Partner Stores: Every time you shop at Migros or one of its partner stores, you can earn Cumulus points. Simply present your Cumulus card at the checkout or enter your card number when shopping online. Points are awarded for every franc you spend, though the specific points-per-franc ratio may vary depending on current promotions or the type of products purchased. It can also be different for different payment methods; for example, if you use Migros鈥 own credit card, you will get more points than if you use Apple card.

2) Special Offers and Promotions: Keep an eye out for special offers and promotions that allow you to accelerate your Cumulus point collection. Migros frequently runs bonus point campaigns where you can earn extra points on certain products or during specific periods.

3) Daily Purchases and Services: In addition to grocery shopping, using your Cumulus card for daily purchases, such as fuel at Migrol stations or services at Migros fitness centers, can also boost your points balance. This holistic approach to point collection ensures that every franc you spend brings you closer to rewards.

If you have the Migros Cumulus credit card, you can also get points at every other store worldwide. For more information, read our full review of the Migros credit card.

How much is a Cumulus point worth? 馃捀

Standard Worth: Typically, one Cumulus point is worth one Swiss cent (CHF 0.01). This valuation remains fairly constant, but it’s always advisable to check for any changes or special redemption promotions that might temporarily alter the point value.

Contextual Example: To put it into perspective, if you have 1鈥000 Cumulus points, you have earned CHF 10 in value. This direct conversion makes it easy to keep track of how much you’re saving as you shop and collect points.

For reverence: Volg stickers also have a return of 10 francs per 1鈥000 francs spent.

Redeeming the vouchers 馃巵

using blue vouchers

You might ask: How do I spend my Cumulus points? – This chapter explains how you translate the collected points into real savings.

1) Points to Vouchers: Cumulus points are accumulated in your account and, once you reach a certain threshold (500 points), are converted into Cumulus vouchers. These vouchers can be used like cash for future purchases at Migros and its partner stores.

2) Accessing Your Vouchers: You can access your vouchers through the Migros app or receive them in the mail. In the Migros app, your points total is updated regularly, and once you’ve reached the voucher threshold, you’ll be notified that your points have been converted into a voucher, which can be activated and used directly from the app.

3) Activation and Use: Before making a purchase, you must activate the voucher within the app. Once activated, present your Cumulus card at checkout, and the voucher value will be deducted from your total purchase amount. Remember, vouchers have an expiration date, so be sure to redeem them before they become invalid.

4) Digital Integration: For a seamless shopping experience, Migros allows you to store your Cumulus card digitally within the Migros app. This integration means you can present your digital card at checkout and apply any activated vouchers to your purchase without needing the physical card or paper vouchers.

maximizing cumulus benefits

Maximizing Your Benefits 馃挴

To make the most out of your Cumulus card, combine your shopping strategy with the use of the Migros app. Keep track of your points, manage your vouchers, and stay informed about special offers to ensure you’re always earning and redeeming points efficiently. With disciplined use and a strategic approach to collecting points, your Cumulus card can lead to significant savings and a more rewarding shopping experience at Migros.

Also, consider ordering the Cumulus credit card to get even more points than with just the normal card. (The card is completely free of charge.)

Conclusion 馃帗

How do I use my Cumulus card? – In wrapping up, the Cumulus card is your golden ticket to unlocking a treasure trove of benefits, making every shopping experience at Migros and partner stores not just a transaction but an opportunity for savings and rewards.

By leveraging the Cumulus card’s potential through everyday purchases and being savvy with special offers and promotions, you can maximize the value received from each point earned. With the Cumulus card in hand (or digitally on your device), you’re equipped to accumulate points swiftly, understand their worth, and redeem them for vouchers that bring instant value to your pocket.

As you navigate the aisles of Migros or fuel up at Migrol, your Cumulus card should be as indispensable as your shopping list. Remember to stay apprised of the latest deals with the Migros app and consider upgrading to the Cumulus credit card for even greater rewards.

Your journey with the Cumulus card, from earning to redemption, is not just about the savings you accrue but about the smart shopping habits you cultivate along the way.

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