Is Discover Accepted in Switzerland?

Is Discover Accepted in Switzerland?

Switzerland, known for its majestic Alps, luxurious watches, and chocolates, is also recognized for its well-established financial infrastructure. For those gearing up to explore this beautiful country, a key consideration is always: How will I pay for things? If you’re a Discover cardholder, you might be asking, “Is Discover accepted in Switzerland?” Here’s your guide.

Short answer:

Discover is accepted in Switzerland, but not in many places. With about 20,000 points of acceptance, you can find merchants that take the card, but it is definitely necessary to have a backup, be it another credit card or cash.

Discover Credit Card in Switzerland

In comparison to the US, where Discover has a strong presence, its acceptance in Switzerland is relatively limited. Here’s a breakdown:

  1. Major Cities and Tourist Spots: In places like Zurich, Geneva, or Lucerne, you’ll find a number of establishments that might accept Discover, particularly those that cater to an international clientele. Hotels, major retailers, and upscale restaurants are your best bet.
  2. Rural Areas: Switzerland’s charm is also in its quaint villages and scenic countryside. In these spots, it’s best not to rely on Discover. Cash or more widely accepted cards like Visa or MasterCard might be preferred in family-owned businesses or local inns.
  3. ATMs: Some ATMs in Switzerland might accept Discover cards for cash withdrawals. However, always be vigilant about potential foreign transaction fees or cash advance fees associated with your card.

American Express had the same issues, but recently, the Amex Gold and the Amex Platinum have become more famous among the Swiss. With about 90,000 points of acceptance, the popularity of Amex is much higher than that of Discover.

Why the Limited Acceptance?

The limited acceptance of Discover in Switzerland (and Europe, in general) can be attributed to a few reasons:

  • Network Reach: Discover operates on its own payment network, unlike Visa or MasterCard. While it has made partnerships with other networks globally, its footprint in Europe is still growing.
  • Merchant Agreements: The fees and terms for merchants to accept Discover might differ from those of more established cards in the region.
  • Local Preferences: Locals might prefer cards issued by domestic or European banks, affecting the demand and subsequent supply of card acceptance terminals for Discover.

What Should Discover Cardholders Do?

If you primarily own a Discover card and are planning a trip to Switzerland, here are some tips:

  1. Carry a Backup: Always have an alternative payment method, be it another credit card, debit card, or cash.
  2. Inform Your Bank: Notify Discover about your travel dates to avoid any unexpected transaction declines.
  3. Check for Symbols: Keep an eye out at entrances or payment counters for the Discover logo. This will give you an idea if the merchant accepts it.
  4. Ask Ahead: If in doubt, it never hurts to ask the establishment if they accept Discover. Just know that many Swiss have never even heard of Discover.

If you have another credit card that you’re unsure about whether it’s accepted, check out this article about the different cards accepted in Switzerland.


While Switzerland’s financial prowess and world-class infrastructure are unquestionable, Discover cardholders should tread with caution. 

The card finds acceptance in select locales, especially in major cities and tourist attractions, but its reach remains limited across the Swiss landscape. Factors such as network reach, merchant agreements, and local preferences play a role in this limited acceptance. 

For those keen on exploring Switzerland’s enchanting landscapes and rich cultural tapestry, it’s wise to be equipped with multiple payment options. So, while Discover might be a part of your financial toolkit, having backups like cash or other universally accepted cards will ensure an uninterrupted and delightful Swiss journey.

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