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Kredite Schweiz Team

About the Founder

Simon Niklaus is the Founder and Editor of Kredite Schweiz. As a finance nerd and business student, he writes many of our blog articles and never lets an article get published without personally reading and editing it. To contact him, message simon@krediteschweiz.ch.

In his spare time, he is a fitness enthusiast and passionate about martial arts.

Simon is the middle of three sons. Growing up in a single-parent household with no financial support from the state, the topics of money and finances were important to him from an early age.

During his apprenticeship, he devoted himself to the topics of saving and investing and gained his first experience. From the dozens of books he read, he learned, among other things, that really wealthy people not only invest skillfully but also have a solid income.

This was one of the main reasons he decided to pursue the vocational baccalaureate. He then passed the Passerell exam and went to the University of Zurich to study business.

Abschlussfeier Simon Niklaus
Simon Niklaus

Simon knows a lot about finance. He has experienced and witnessed what it means to have to watch every centime, and he knows every little everyday savings tip that can be found in Switzerland. But he now also knows the other side, where thoughts of money are associated with fulfilled wishes instead of existential worries.

His vision is to help people with their finances. He believes everyone deserves the chance to realize their desires.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor; there are always tips and tricks to improve your finances. For the wealthier, it’s usually more about investing and new business opportunities, while for people with lower incomes, it’s more about simple ways to save and financial optimization.”

He discovered a passion for fitness and martial arts as a teenager. The two sports have shaped his life, as they taught him discipline, perseverance, and respect for his fellow man. These qualities also helped him during his recruit school with the Military Police Grenadiers, where he made many contacts with highly ambitious peers. It was through one of these contacts that he met Co-Founder Michael, with whom he eventually teamed up to found krediteschweiz.ch.

Simon and our team are always there for you!

You can find our contact page here.

Our Finance / Loan Experts

Michael Schmied

Michael Schmied is the Co-Founder and our most experienced consultant and financial expert. Additionally, he regularly advises and casts his experienced eye on our blog articles. To contact him directly, message michael@krediteschweiz.ch.

His hobbies are photography and reading about everything related to finance.

Michael grew up in a small village called Engelberg in the Swiss Alps. As a child, he was fascinated by commerce and economics, which led him to venture into finance.

After working and gaining experience in various financial institutions for 12 years, he decided to work independently. Later, he started his own business with his friend Simon and co-founded Kredite Schweiz.

He discovered his passion for photography during a vacation in Italy, capturing the picturesque landscapes and historic cities. Today, he uses his camera to capture moments that are important to him and, of course, helps us take and edit photos for the blog to visually complement our articles.

Lea Widmer

Lea Widmer is a freelance accountant and handles our finances behind the scenes. She also occasionally helps us with articles and advises us on more difficult topics. To contact her directly, message lea@krediteschweiz.ch.

As a balance to her work, she jogs and is a passionate cyclist.

Lea comes from Bern and developed a love for numbers at an early age. Since her accounting education, she has been working freelance for several SMEs and decided to offer her expertise to Kredite Schweiz on the side.

Lea is known for her meticulous work and her ability to explain complex financial topics in a simple way.

In her free time, she is drawn to the outdoors. She jogs regularly along the Aare River and often takes long bike rides through the Swiss countryside on weekends. Cycling gives her the opportunity to clear her head and recharge her batteries.

Camila Gonzalez

Camila Gonzalez is a merchandiser by profession and helps us write the articles. To contact her directly, message camila@krediteschweiz.ch.

Her favorite pastimes are climbing and doing things with her friends.

Originally from sunny Spain, Camila moved to Switzerland with her family at a young age. She worked in various industries before discovering her passion for writing.

Her multicultural background gives her a unique perspective, which she incorporates into her writings.

In her free time, Camila seeks the adrenaline rush of climbing in the Swiss Alps and enjoys spending time with her friends. Whether it’s hiking, attending music festivals, or just hanging out at a coffee shop in the city.


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