Amex Platinum Switzerland Review and Experiences 2024

Amex Platinum Schweiz

If you’ve googled for the Amex Platinum, you’ve probably heard some good things about this luxury credit card. But how good are the benefits, really? Is the card worth it for you personally?

We’ll help you find out. This much in advance: The card is not the eighth wonder of the world! But for the right holder, it definitely offers really great added value.

Topics covered in this article:

  1. Advantages
  2. Disadvantages
  3. Usage Example
  4. Amex Platinum Limit
  5. Amex Platinum Switzerland Experiences
  6. For Whom is the Platinum Credit Card Worthwhile?
  7. Comparison / Alternatives
  8. The Company American Express
  9. Conclusion / Summary

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1) Biggest Amex Platinum Switzerland Benefits 👍

The Amex Platinum Switzerland Credit Card offers an incredible number of benefits. However, four of them stand out in particular, which we’ll take a closer look at in a moment. If none of these four benefits convince you, it might be worth taking a look at some other Swiss credit cards.

👍 Amex Priority Pass ✈️

Amex Platinum holders get the Priority Pass for free. This would normally cost CHF 459 and allows you to go to over 1400 lounges around the world for free. Since a single lounge entry costs around CHF 50 on average, the free Priority Pass of the Amex Platinum is a top advantage.

What’s special about the Priority Pass, if you get it through the Amex Platinum Credit Card, is that the free additional card also gets one. Also, you can bring one guest per card at a special price of about CHF 30 (price slightly variable).

So, all in all, you can pay the fee for the Amex Platinum once, and then four of you can go to the lounge as often as you want without paying high entrance fees. The annual fee of CHF 900 (CHF 450 for the first year) is recouped pretty quickly.

You can read my article on the Amex Priority Pass for more information.

👍 Half the annual Fee 💰

As already mentioned, you pay half the annual fee for free in the first year. This means you only pay CHF 450 instead of the full CHF 900. Since the Priority Pass alone would already cost CHF 459, you can really only win in the first year.

Amex Rewards

👍 Reward Points 🎉

The third advantage of the Amex Platinum Switzerland is the comprehensive starting bonus in the form of 45000 Membership Rewards points. You get one point for every franc you spend after that. So, used wisely, the startup bonus is a real gift.

It depends on the current offers, but you can save up to around CHF 1500 with this start bonus.

You can use your points directly in the Swisscard app to pay for certain purchases or in restaurants with your Platinum Card. This also applies to certain online stores and the payment provider PayPal.

Furthermore, you can book flights, rental cars, hotels, and entire travel arrangements with them.

So if you diligently collect points and, in addition, make good use of the start bonus, you can save up to several thousand francs.

👍 Style factor 💎

If you ask me, one of the main reasons to own an Amex Platinum is the unmissable premium factor. The card is made of matte metal. It definitely doesn’t get any better than that!

In addition, you enjoy premium treatment in many places; for example, you are allowed to use the fast lane at the airport, so you never have to wait in line.

In addition, pretty much everyone with a good income knows about the much-vaunted Amex Platinum. With service personnel and colleagues, the card has a reliable effect ;)

1.2) Further Advantages 👍

Amex Platinum Switzerland

The benefits of the card are slightly different depending on the country where you apply for it. For example, in Austria, you get a voucher for restaurants, and in Germany, you get one for travel.

The Amex Platinum Switzerland, on the other hand, offers the following benefits:

👍 Vouchers 🏝️

  • Shopping voucher at Globus worth CHF 100.
  • SWISS voucher worth CHF 100 per year
  • SIXT ride voucher of CHF 200 per year
  • Discounts at countless hotels, restaurants, luxury services, sports and wellness facilities, etc.

👍 Insurance Package 🧾

  • Travel cancellation insurance: Reimbursement of up to CHF 30’000 if the trip cannot be taken due to accident or illness.
  • Luggage insurance: Reimbursement of up to CHF 6’000 in the event of loss, theft, or damage to luggage.
  • Warranty extension: Automatic extension of the manufacturer’s warranty by two years, with compensation for repair or replacement up to CHF 3’000 per device and year.
  • Foreign travel medical expenses insurance: Coverage of medical treatment costs, hospitalization, and visits by close relatives up to CHF 3’000’000 in the event of acute illness or accident abroad.
  • Transport accident insurance: Coverage of up to CHF 1’000’000 in the event of death or disability due to an accident on public transport.
  • Rental car comprehensive insurance: Automatic insurance for property damage up to CHF 120’000 for rental cars.
  • Return of goods insurance: Reimbursement of up to CHF 3’000 if the seller does not wish to cancel a purchase.
  • Shopping insurance: Up to CHF 3’000 reimbursement in the event of theft or damage to purchases within 90 days of purchase.
  • Ticket insurance: In case of non-attendance of an event due to illness, the purchase price is refunded, up to CHF 1’000 per event or CHF 2’000 per year.

The official list with all benefits can be found here if you scroll down to the link “Summary of Platinum Card Benefits”. The complete list is 6 pages long.

2) Disadvantages of the Credit Card 👎

Undeniably, the Amex Platinum Switzerland credit card has some excellent advantages. Especially in the first year, you can get the annual fee back many times over if you take advantage of the benefits.

However, the Platinum card also has some disadvantages that should not be concealed!

In my experience, many customers are not aware that some of the benefits are conditional. In my opinion, this is not communicated openly enough, which is why it may be taken as a disadvantage. Here are examples of what I mean:

👎 Conditions ⁉️


1. The rental car comprehensive insurance is only valid if you are on a trip booked with American Express.

2. The catch with the SIXT ride voucher of 200.- per year is that you are waived a maximum of 20.- for each trip. That means you have to make 10 trips to take full advantage of the full 200.-. This is probably no issue for most people, but it nevertheless could be an unpleasant surprise under certain circumstances.

3. To benefit from flight offers or hotel advantages, you have to book your trip on the American Express website. It’s not a big deal, but you have to know about it.

👎 Foreign Currency Fee of the Amex Platinum 😐

The Amex Platinum offers many advantages, especially when traveling (Priority Pass, SWISS voucher, insurance, etc.).

Therefore, it is somewhat surprising that the foreign currency fee of 1.75% is not really small. With other credit cards, 2.5% is common, but there are also some that charge 0%.

So, if you want to pay as little as possible, you should pay for the trip with your Amex card but use another credit card once you’re abroad. In my experience, the “Swissbankers Travel Prepaid Mastercard” is a good fit here, as it is completely free and has no foreign currency fee.

3) Fictitious Usage Example

William receives his American Express Platinum Credit Card after his application has been reviewed. He gets 50% of the annual balance as a gift for the first year.

William flies abroad every few weeks for business meetings and short vacations. Thanks to his Priority Pass, he enjoys preferential treatment at airports, where he is greeted in VIP lounges and allowed to pass through queues.

He receives generous gifts for his stays in the best luxury hotels, such as a 10% discount on meals at the Radisson and a 20% discount on his next stays at the Meliá.

Once, the airline has a mishap, and his suitcase is lost along with his clothes and laptop. Although he is annoyed about it, he is refunded the full value without hesitation, thanks to his luggage insurance. When he buys a new laptop the same day, he automatically gets a two-year extended warranty because he pays for the device with the Amex Platinum.

Meanwhile, William uses his card to earn reward points with each payment. He uses these points to book his next vacation, pay at online stores, and top up his PayPal account.

4) Credit Card Limit

The credit limit of the Amex Platinum, as with virtually all credit cards, is determined individually. Theoretically, there is no maximum spending limit if you are in a very good financial position.

Amex Platinum Switzerland Limit Increase: You can, of course, ask for a limit increase whenever you want. Since you are a customer of their premium product, Amex will most certainly be happy to help.

5) Amex Platinum Switzerland Experiences

American Express is world-renowned and one of the largest and most trusted providers. The customer service is top-notch, and in case of problems, Amex is very helpful and refreshingly unbureaucratic.

Whether people are satisfied with their Amex Platinum or not depends, in most cases, only on whether they find the rather high annual fee justified. I’ve never met anyone who didn’t love their Platinum card. But if you don’t take advantage of the benefits, it fails to deliver value for money.

Another reason someone may stop being a fan of the card is the terms and conditions that come with some of the benefits (see Amex Platinum cons above). These, of course, can dampen one’s mood if, unlike you, they don’t do their research in advance.

Mini survey

In a mini-survey I did online, 8 people answered me about why they cancelled their Amex Platinum. People had 7 choices to pick from. Below are the answers:

Why did you cancel your Amex Platinum after the first year or after several years?

Total number of participants: 8

Data Chart
  1. Reason: I had problems with American Express. Number=0
  2. Reason: I didn’t find the benefits compelling enough. Number=1
  3. Reason: I found a better deal. Number=0
  4. Reason: I could not get the cost out. Number=2
  5. Reason: I could not afford it. Number=4
  6. Reason: I found the conditions for certain benefits too annoying. Number=0
  7. Reason: Other reasons. Number=1

It should be noted that this survey, of course, had too few participants to be truly meaningful. But still, I found the results interesting and wanted to share them with you.

However, I’m not suggesting that many people are dissatisfied with the credit card. On the contrary, the fact that more people didn’t come forward is a positive sign. In my experience, most people are happy with their Amex Platinum.

Personally, I’ve gotten nothing but excellent deals with all the Amex cards I’ve owned. American Express is successful and trustworthy for a reason. They really deliver what they promise to their customers, unlike some other stingy providers.

For example, everything was paid without questions or objections whenever I wanted to claim insurance.

6) For Whom is the Platinum Card Worthwhile?

Weighing Pros and Cons

Whether an Amex Platinum card is worthwhile for you depends entirely on your life situation.

If you have to take out a loan to be able to pay the annual fee, I would strongly advise you not to do so ;) Also, if you never spend time at airports, there are better alternatives. Because then you can’t do anything with one of the main advantages, the Priority Pass.

However, if you have a solid income and like to afford some luxuries, the Amex Platinum Switzerland is exactly what you are looking for. If you like to be in lounges, enjoy good hotels, and maybe need a rental car now and then, the card will save you time and money.

Since the card is 50% for the first year, which is CHF 450, you can safely try it out.

Because the Priority Pass alone would be CHF 459. Then there are the vouchers worth CHF 400+, the numerous discounts, and the starting bonus in the form of reward points worth up to around CHF 1’500.

The regularly collected points are, of course, added on top.

7) Alternatives / Comparison

The Amex Platinum is undoubtedly a high-end option, both in terms of prestige and benefits, as well as the annual fee. If you don’t feel ready yet, there are cheaper alternatives to the Amex Platinum Switzerland that also have a lot to offer. Here are the most attractive options, in my experience:

  • American Express Gold Card (50% for the first year, so CHF 175)
  • Lufthansa Miles & More Gold Credit Card (CHF 220 per year)
  • SWISS Miles & More Credit Cards Duo Gold (CHF 220 per year)

You can also take a look at our full Swiss credit card comparison for a better overview of the alternatives.

8) The Company Behind the Luxury Card: Amex Switzerland

American Express is a global financial services company based in New York, USA. It was founded in 1850 and offers a wide range of products and services, including credit cards, debit cards, travel insurance, travel vouchers, and corporate and consumer finance.

The history of American Express begins with the delivery of freight and expensive goods through the American Wild West. Over time, the company took a key role in the world of international travel and finance.

Stephen Squeri
Stephen Squeri, CEO of American Express

The company is known for its high customer service and prestige credit cards. While the green, gold, and platinum cards are commonly used by individuals and businesses, the black card is available by invitation only and offers exclusive benefits to high-end customers.

American Express is also responsible for launching the first revenue-based rewards program – the Membership Rewards program described above.

The company has a major impact on the communities in which it operates. Amex is involved with various initiatives in areas such as heritage preservation, community services, and access to education. In addition, Amex is also concerned with environmental issues and has often been recognized as one of the most responsible financial companies in the world.

Conclusion 🎓

The American Express Platinum Switzerland can do more than just a regular credit card. It is a prestige item that provides access to many exclusive benefits and special services.

👍 Among the highlights are the Priority Pass for access to worldwide lounge facilities, extensive insurance benefits, and attractive premium programs.

👍 Despite the whopping annual fee of CHF 900 (reduced to CHF 450 in the first year), the card’s many perks can quickly pay for themselves, especially for travelers and people who appreciate a certain level of luxury.

👎 However, this card is not suitable for everyone. Especially the conditions for certain benefits and a relatively high foreign currency fee can be seen as disadvantages.

Therefore, a close comparison with other Swiss credit cards is worthwhile to find the best offer for you personally.

Nevertheless, for the right person, the Amex Platinum Switzerland Credit Card is a worthwhile investment and offers fantastic value.

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