Migros Credit Card Review – Cumulus Card Experiences 2024

Migros Cumulus Kreditkarte Review

In the following review, you will learn everything about the Migros credit card. The article aims to help you decide whether the card suits you personally.

You can click on the chapters in the table of contents and jump directly to the corresponding section. We’ll dive into the following topics:

  1. Migros Cumulus Credit Card Apply
  2. Migros Credit Card Benefits
  3. Migros Credit Card Disadvantages
  4. Cumulus Credit Card App
  5. Example of Use
  6. Migros Credit Card Limit
  7. Comparison / Alternatives
  8. Customer Experiences
  9. Cumulus Card Contact
  10. FAQs
  11. Conclusion

1) Migros Cumulus Credit Card Apply πŸ“₯

The Cumulus credit card has an extremely convenient application process. The entire process can be completed in a matter of minutes, and you can basically pay with your new credit card right away before you even get your physical card.

You can choose between applying via smartphone and via the Migros website. Click here to go to the application (site not available in English, unfortunately).

Application via smartphone:

  1. Photograph / scan ID or passport with cell phone camera
  2. Fill out digital application process
  3. Wait for verification (approx. 15 minutes)
  4. Receive credit card details – the credit card is now ready for use
  5. The physical credit card will be sent automatically by mail

Monday to Saturday, from 07.00 – 22.00, it takes about 15 minutes to check the application. So you can basically apply for a usable credit card within minutes, thanks to the smartphone application. So far, such a fast application is unique in Switzerland, as you have to wait several days or even weeks with most providers.

Application via website:

  1. Have ID or passport ready as a photo or scan
  2. Complete the application process on the computer
  3. Wait for the application to be signed, which will arrive by mail
  4. Return the signed application
  5. Receive credit card by mail

2) Best Migros Credit Card Benefits

πŸ‘ Free card and (up to 3) additional cards πŸ’³

The main card and up to three additional cards are permanently free of charge. If you take into account that most Swiss credit cards have an annual fee between about 60 and 400 francs, this is already a massive plus point for the credit card from Migros.

Migros Credit Card Rewards

πŸ‘ No foreign currency fee πŸ’°

Normally, the foreign currency fees of Swiss credit cards revolve around about 2.5%. The Migros Cumulus credit card, on the other hand, waives all foreign currency fees, i.e., for payments abroad as well as for payments in another currency in Switzerland (e.g., a payment at an online store in euros).

πŸ‘ Cumulus points 🟠

With every purchase, you collect so-called Cumulus points. For every 500 points collected, a voucher for 5 francs will be sent to you along with your next statement. The remaining points will be carried over to the next month. The vouchers, which are officially called “blue Cumulus Bons”, can be used in the following stores:

At all Migros stores as well as on Migros Online, all Migros specialty stores (SportXX, Outdoor by SportXX, Micasa, Micasa Home, Do it Garden Migros, Melectronics), OBI, Migros partners (retailers with Migros products), Migrol, Migrolino, and Ex Libris.

This is how many points you collect per purchase:

  • At Migros in the first year: 2 points per 1 franc spent.
  • At Migros thereafter: 1 point per 1 franc spent.
  • At all other stores: 1 point per 3 francs spent.

One can save a good amount of money over the year with the blue vouchers! You can find a calculation example below.

2.2) Further Advantages

Migros Cumulus Credit Card Benefits

πŸ‘ Cash withdrawals πŸ’Έ

Normally, it is not advisable to withdraw money with a credit card. The reason for this is very high fees, up to more than 5%.

However, with the Cumulus, you can make free cash withdrawals at Migros cash registers (up to CHF 1’000 per withdrawal and per day at Migros, up to CHF 500 per withdrawal and per day at Denner, Migrol and Migrolino).

πŸ‘ Cumulus credit card insurance πŸ“œ

Here is a simple table of the insurance benefits:

Cumulus Credit Card Insurance

πŸ‘ Own card image πŸ–Ό

A great detail that the card offers is the possibility of a special design. You can personalize the design of the card front with a personal photo or image of your choice for free. However, personalization on the back of the card is not provided.

πŸ‘ More:

The Migros Cumulus credit card offers several other benefits, including various bill payment options and other things to make it easier to use.

The following things are supported:

  • Direct debit (LSV)
  • eBill
  • one Digital Service (App and Web)
  • Mobile payment and integration with mobile wallets
  • 3-D Secure: Secure online payment
  • Digital Onboarding via App and Web

3) Cumulus Credit Card Disadvantages

Migros Cumulus Credit Card Disadvantages

πŸ‘Ž Payment period ⏳

Migros insists that the settlement of the credit card statement be made within 20 days. Normally, credit card providers allow a little more time here, for example, one month.

If you do not pay within the time limit, you will be charged quite high fees. The reminder fee is 30 CHF. In addition, the unpaid amount is automatically considered an installment, meaning the installment fees are charged on top.

As always with credit cards, it is, therefore, worth paying the full bill immediately. I personally recommend that you set up a direct debit.

πŸ‘Ž Cumulus credit card fees πŸ’΅

Below, you can see the fee overview for the Migros Cumulus credit card. The fees are very low compared to other cards.

This is expressed, for example, in the lack of an annual fee, the favorable foreign currency costs, and the favorable installment interest rate (normal for credit cards is about 12%).

Here is the price overview:

Cumulus Credit Card Fees

4) Cumulus Credit Card App πŸ“±

The Cumulus credit card app is a free app released by Migros Bank. It is called “One” and offers users a variety of functions that allow them to manage their credit cards quickly and conveniently. Here are some of the app’s key features:

  • Digital Application: The app allows users to apply for the Cumulus credit card digitally without much paperwork. After verification, the digital credit card can be used immediately. The physical card is delivered by mail.
  • Transparency: The app gives users quick access to their credit card details and an overview of all spending and available limits. They can also set a weekly spending goal to further manage their spending.
  • Security: The app allows users to temporarily block their credit card with just one click. In case of theft, defect, or loss, a replacement card can easily be requested in the app.
  • Mobile payment: The app allows users to pay with their smartphone or smartwatch. To do this, they must first register for the One Digital service.
  • Additional cards: The main cardholder can apply for up to three free additional cards for persons of full age in the same household and with the same residential address.
  • Cumulus point: Users can earn Cumulus points when paying at Migros and at Cumulus partners, but also outside Migros with every use of the Cumulus credit card.

Migros Cumulus Credit Card One Login πŸ“²

The login process for the Cumulus credit card app is simple and straightforward. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Download the Cumulus credit card app to your smartphone.
  2. Open the app and enter the login information that you received during registration. Alternatively, you can log in using biometric sensors or social login.
  3. If the data is correct, you will be redirected to the home page of the app, where you will find all the features and information about the credit card.
  4. If the data is incorrect, you will be prompted to re-enter it or use a different authentication method.

The Cumulus credit card app also offers the option to store multiple credit cards and apply for the free additional cards. Additional cardholders can also use the One app. The registration code for One is automatically sent after the card is issued.

5) Example of Use βš™

Marc with his Cumulus Card

Lukas is a passionate technology fan and frequent traveler from Basel. After comparing the various credit card options, he decides on the Migros Cumulus credit card, mainly attracted by the opportunity to earn Cumulus points and benefit from the lack of foreign currency fees.

First steps and digital convenience: Shortly after making his decision, Lukas downloads the app and scans his passport with his phone camera. Within 15 minutes, the application process is complete, and he receives the credit card details directly on his smartphone – his card is ready to use immediately. The physical card reaches him by mail a few days later.

Shopping and collecting points: When shopping at Migros and its partners, Lukas diligently collects points. In the first year, he receives double points for every franc for all the times he spends money at Migros, which helps him collect vouchers faster.

No additional costs abroad: Lukas uses his Cumulus card to pay in different currencies without incurring additional fees on his international travels. This saves him the usual 2.5% foreign currency fees and makes the card his preferred means of payment abroad.

Use of the app and security features: With the One app, Lukas keeps track of his spending and can immediately block his card if necessary. When he loses his wallet, he quickly applies for a card replacement through the app.

Lukas’ conclusion: After a few months, Lukas has benefited not only from the Cumulus points he’s accumulated but also from the flexibility and security aspects of the card. He’s particularly impressed by the fast digital application process and the ability to pay worldwide without foreign currency fees. For him, the Migros credit card has become an indispensable companion in everyday life and when traveling.

In numbers: Let’s assume that Lukas spends 400 francs per month at Migros and 400 at other stores. He thus collects 11’200 Cumulus points over the course of the first year, which accounts for 112 francs in “blue vouchers”. In his opinion, that’s a nice tip for having no difference in his spending behavior.

6) Migros Credit Card Limit

Cumulus Credit Card Limit

The Cumulus credit card has a maximum global limit of 15’000 francs per month. However, the exact amount of your credit card limit depends on your income and creditworthiness.

The term “global limit” means that it includes all cards together, including all additional cards if you apply for them.

Migros Credit Card Limit Increase

If you wish to make a temporary or permanent change to your credit limit, you must call +41 58 234 50 50. The customer service representative will then review your request. Limit adjustments can only be requested via this contact channel.

7) Comparison / Alternatives

The Migros credit card is one of the best free credit cards in Switzerland. Few cards offer similar benefits with such low costs. Thus, you can apply for it without hesitation if you don’t necessarily want to read through numerous other credit card reviews.

Nonetheless, here are the best alternatives to the Cumulus credit card:

Certo One Mastercard World: This free card is the direct competitor to the Cumulus credit card, as Migros and Cembra Money Bank, the card issuer, used to issue the Cumulus credit card together. Take a look at our article on Cumulus vs. Certo to compare them in more detail.

Manor Mastercard: Free card, various discounts, especially attractive if you often shop at Manor.

Swisscard Credit Cards Duo: Free card, good cashback. This is a duo, so it is a combination of American Express and Visa/Mastercard.

8) Migros Credit Card Experiences

Migros Credit Card Experiences

Customer experiences are predominantly positive. The Cumulus card offers a whole range of benefits, coupled with top customer service and an incredibly simple application process.

Here are 5 customer opinions about the Migros Cumulus credit card. For anonymity reasons, the names and texts have been slightly modified (and translated).

Tobias: Very cool application process with the Migros credit card: The card can be used digitally immediately. Unlike the Cembra credit card, you don’t have to wait for any documents.

Fabian: I think THE argument for the new card is that there are no 1.5% fees when paying with CHF abroad. I didn’t use the former Cumulus online anymore because I was always surprised. For example, even though it was a Swiss store, you paid fees because the company was registered abroad. That’s exactly what can no longer happen with the new card.

The application via app was also easy and fast, and I can already use the card. Also, MyDesign is free, and the image even shows up in the app. Really a nice little detail.

In my experience, no other provider is more customer-friendly. I also think it’s great that Migros offers eBill and supports all the major mobile payment providers, as well as lesser-known ones like Switch Pay.

Nadia: Migros wants the payment of the credit card bill within 20 days. If you don’t look closely and pay at the end of the month, you will be charged fees.

Adrian: For me, it is crucial that the invoice of the Migros card comes via eBill, and Cembra still only works with mail notification or direct debit. I have often asked Cembra when they will introduce eBill, but they have not been interested (seems the reminder fees are too lucrative to do without).

Julia: I applied for the Cumulus credit card with the app. Filling it out was quick, and within 5 minutes, I already had the credit card in my digital wallet. The app itself also makes a solid impression. I’m thrilled, that’s exactly how it should function nowadays.

9) Cumulus Credit Card Contact ☎

Migros attaches great importance to easy accessibility for credit card customers. You can find the contact page here (only available in de, fr, it). Otherwise, you can reach customer service at the following numbers:

  • From Switzerland: 0848 85 0848 (8 Rp./minute from Swiss fixed network)
  • From abroad: +41 44 444 88 44 (costs depend on provider)

Monday to Friday, 08.00–19.00; Saturday, 8.00–16.00

PS: You can also send a message via WhatsApp. In addition, the hotline +41 58 234 50 50 is always available for emergencies and limit changes.

10) Cumulus Card FAQs

How does Migros Money Card work?

The Migros credit card allows you to earn Cumulus points every time you make a purchase, which can later be redeemed for goods or services. It works like any standard credit card and can be used for purchases online as well as in stores, offering additional benefits such as no annual fee.

Is Migros Cumulus free?

Yes, the Migros Cumulus card comes without an annual fee, making it a cost-effective option for customers who frequently shop at Migros and want to benefit from the Cumulus loyalty program.

Which credit card to use in Switzerland?

In Switzerland, Visa and Mastercard are commonly accepted and offer a range of options, but for local benefits, cards like Migros Cumulus or Coop Supercard can provide additional value through loyalty points and discounts.

Is Visa or Mastercard better for Switzerland?

Both Visa and Mastercard are widely accepted throughout Switzerland, so choosing between them often comes down to the specific card benefits, fees, and personal preference. Check for any partnership benefits, such as with Swiss railways or local stores, and consider your travel and spending habits to decide which payment card is better for you.

Which credit cards are accepted in Switzerland?

Switzerland accepts most major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Diners Club. However, Visa and Mastercard are the most widely accepted, especially in smaller shops and rural areas.

What is the limit of Cumulus Visa?

The credit limit for the Cumulus Visa card is individual and is based on your creditworthiness and income. The Migros Bank sets this limit, and you can request an increase or decrease if necessary. The maximum limit is CHF 15’000.

Migros Credit Card Review Conclusion πŸŽ“

πŸ‘ The Migros Cumulus credit card is characterized by a user-friendly and fast application procedure, which can be done entirely digitally via smartphone as well as via the Migros Bank website and then on paper.

πŸ‘ A plus is that the card is ready for use immediately after the digital application. Coupled with the elimination of annual fees and foreign currency charges, this makes it an attractive option in the Swiss credit card market.

πŸ‘ In addition, the Cumulus points program encourages loyal Migros customers through a rewards system that generates vouchers when they shop at Migros and partner companies. Free cash withdrawals at Migros stores and a package of insurances further enhance the value of the card.

πŸ‘Ž However, strict payment deadlines should be observed to avoid fees. The use of a direct debit is recommended to avoid possible overdue fines.

Overall, the Migros credit card offers a compelling package of cost savings, convenience, and services that sets it apart from many other credit cards on the market. It is a solid option, especially for Migros customers and people who would like to avoid foreign currency fees.

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